Design Beats Mass – Webdagene 2011

Design Beats Mass – Webdagene 2011

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From the Showcase


Who Owns What is a Scrum Team

What are the ownership of Development Team and Product Owner in a Scrum Team is depicted by this Sketchnote

Leadership ToolBox

Inspired by the lessons from reading John C Maxwell’s Books is this sketchnote Doodle created.

Best Practices in a Distributed Agile Environment

Simple things that can create a big different and create winning teams in a Distributed Agile environment setup

Vision Backlog and Goal

Difference between Vision Backlog & goal. Never loose sight of the Vision. Vision guides all the work to be done to create a releasable software.

Comparing simple complicated and complex environments

How different environments affects the different practices processes frameworks to be implemented is explained by this doodle.

SXSW Blank Page to Winning Idea

A quick sketch note for the the SXSW conference session “Turning a Blank Page into a Winning Idea”. I’m usually a “scribble and correct” kind of guy so working without a net in ballpoint is something I need to do more of.

The “value” circle

This is my theory of “value”. I use them in order to organize the content for a social media or a storytelling strategy. The five macro-areas describe the “value” of a company from the identity, coherence, affinity, co-creation (with likers or employees) and elevation. This is a “doodling” theory! PS: i write from Italy!

A Guide to Derptolia

An exercise with my sons about creating a world in preparation for writing a story.